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Find out everything you need to know about running a home based internet business from an internet insider. Sounds like the start of a hype filled marketing sales letter, but the information I give you here will not cost you a penny.

What You Need To Set Up Your Website

As I have mentioned before and explained why you need and website and what is involved in setting it up, this article goes in to more detail on exactly what you need to create your website.

There are essentially three components to having your own website. Each of these will allow you to have a visible site where you have complete control to promote the products and services that you will be making money from.

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Webite design and content

You can put a website online without having hosting to provide your webspace or a domain name to point visitors to your website. However this is the only way you will have full control over your site so this initial investment is essential. It is how most people doing internet marketing make their money and it is how I do it. There is a place for free websites but not here.

Domain name

Every site needs domain name or as it is also known a URL, you do not really need to know what acronym stands for but you will need to know what it is. The URL, domain name or website address is how people find your site. Without it would be like having a business without a business name or phone number.

The domain name for this site is, it is the name or brand of this site. Individuals do not own these domain names out right rather you rent them. The WWW part is the same for all sites. The middle part, Hubtonomy is what you are naming your site, you can choose anything you want as long as someone else is not already using that name. Generally the shorter the better.

The last part of the domain name is what is known as the domain extension. The most popular of these is .com as it is globally generic. You can get extensions that represent different countries such as which represents a United Kingdom site. There are also many other different generic domain name extensions such as .net and .org.

The domain name is what people and other sites will use to find your site. If you put your domain name on your business card they could type the name into their web browser and your site will appear.

So depending on what country your site is targeting and what product you are promoting you would choose a domain name with an extension to reflect this. So if you want to promote blue widgets worldwide you could choose or something similar.


The reason you need your own hosting is that you need a physical space on the internet to put your website on. Hosting or webspace is usually is rented by the month or year much like a shop owner would rent premises. This is where your website design and content will be placed so it can be viewed by all.

You can rent web space from a host in any country in the world. However you may want to consider renting space on a host located in the same country if your product or service is country specific. If the product is just as relevant to a US consumer as much as a UK or Australian the US hosting would be best. This is because if you are English speaking the United States will probably be your biggest market.

Web design and content

Once you have your domain name and hosting you can start setting up your site and creating the content. The easiest avenue for most new webmasters and internet marketers is to use a system called Wordpress. The reason for this is it is releatively easy to set up and once you get the hang of it it will be easy for you to create additional sites.

Most hosting services these days provide a way to easily set up a Wordpress powered site using Fantastico or a similar service provided by your host. This means that although the first site will be a bit of a steep learning curve it will be a lot quicker and far less painless than other methods.

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