Want To Work From Home - Why You Need To Read This Now

Find out everything you need to know about running a home based internet business from an internet insider. Sounds like the start of a hype filled marketing sales letter, but the information I give you here will not cost you a penny.

The Internet Economy Explained - How You Will Make Money

The first thing you need to understand is how you are going to make money working from home using the internet as what is known as internet marketing. The very fact that people buy online means that you can make money too and most of it will not be from you directly selling to others.

Access to the internet and the relatively low start up costs means that almost anyone can start making a living entirely online. The only thing stopping you right now is not knowing how to start and not understanding how it all works. On the internet knowledge really is power, being internet illiterate means you are likely to either get ripped off or spend your money on something you cannot really use.

So to start off you need to know how the internet economy works. When you first open your web browser a web page probably appears, more than likely it is that of your ISP, the company you pay for internet access or Google. This is how most people start off their internet surfing session.

How money is made on the internet

You will most likely type in a search phrase for the thing you are looking for, say for this instance how to make money online. You will then hit search and a list of relevant sites will appear. You will also notice lots of ads on the page, you may not even realise some of the ads are advertisements.

Guess what, someone is paying to have those ads displayed to you and someone is earning revenue for displaying those ads. That is the first way and most popular way internet marketers make money, they have a web site and sell advertising.

You may well click on one of those ads as it piques your interest and you will arrive at another website and they will certainly be selling something. This is another way you can earn money on the internet, by selling.

The site may talk about a particular product which you think is great so you click on a link and are taken to a sales page or a pre-sell page. This is where you will be convinced that this product is for you as it will solve your current problem. Now you may buy the product and the seller of course gets the revenue from this.

What you may not realise is that the first link you clicked on was what is called an affiliate link. This is a link that directs you to a product but the person who created that link on their web page makes a commission if you then buy the product they are promoting. The affiliate link may also earn a commission for just sending you to the site or if you filled in fill in some details when you arrive at the site.

So you can see how it is possible to earn money, you do not have to actually sell a product yourself. You could just promote other peoples products, this means you do not have to have lots of inventory or stock which also means you do not have to initially outlay lots of money to get started.

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