Want To Work From Home - Why You Need To Read This Now

Find out everything you need to know about running a home based internet business from an internet insider. Sounds like the start of a hype filled marketing sales letter, but the information I give you here will not cost you a penny.

Starting Your First Website

As I have mentioned before setting up a website is nowhere near as difficult as it used to be. In fact once you know the steps most of the technical aspects are already done for you with content management platforms such as WordPress.

Why do I suggest you start off with WordPress. It allows you to create a site or a blog online relatively easily, it is freely and widely available. There is lots of information and support which means if there is something you want to do in WordPress the answer is not usually far away.

Now for a bit of a confession, I do not use this software myself. This may seem a bit strange but there is a good reason for this. It is easier for me to create, update and run my websites creating the code from scratch. This is because I already have the knowledge and skill to do this and it is what I prefer. For most of you however you can get the same results and cut out a lot of learning and hard work by using a pre-existing package such as WP.

Getting started with your first money making site

One of the best ways to start learning is to jump right in, having the practical experience rather than just reading about it means you will learn faster. It also means you will have something to show for your efforts and help with your motivation and sense of achievement. Once you see you can do it for yourself you will be more inclined to find out more and progress more quickly.

I would recommend your first site be a bit of a learning experience more than a money making site. The reason for this is that even if you are an experienced internet marketer you will still experience failure. Having your first site fail financially will not only be disappointing but may also deter you from continuing on.

One of the golden rules of working for yourself earning a living on the internet is not to give up. You need a longer term view, you may not earn a penny for 3 or even 6 months but you will be building a virtual portfolio and learning all the time. If I had given up at my first failure I would not be earning a living working from home but instead be stuck in a dead end 9 to 5 or worse, unemployed.

Choosing a niche for your first site

So what is your first site going to be about. At this point I would not worry too much about the niche. You will read a lot about the word niche as it is used to describe the topic of a site. It tends to refer to a tightly chosen niche rather than a broader topic, so you may choose the niche of leather hobo handbags rather than handbags. The reason to choose a narrowly focussed niche rather than a broad interest one is that on the internet much like the high street it is dominated by the big names. Would you rather be competing against a global corporation or a one man band.

As this is your first site it will be more to your benefit to choose a niche that you have a passion or interest in already. The reason for this is that it will be easier for you to write about it and create good insightful content.

So you are ready to get started, if you have not done so already you should read up about what you need to set up your own website. If you are ready to get started then find out how to choose a domain name and hosting for your site.

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