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Find out everything you need to know about running a home based internet business from an internet insider. Sounds like the start of a hype filled marketing sales letter, but the information I give you here will not cost you a penny.

How To Choose A Profitable Niche

One of the things that can make or break a new site in terms of profitability is choosing the right niche. A niche in internet marketing terms is a way to describe the topic or subject that the site covers. So you may choose a niche on pets, pets is a broad subject are so you may narrow your focus down to small dogs.

These days because of the ever growing competition for people wanting to earn money online, internet marketers have been creating sites on a micro niche. So instead of settling on a site about small dogs you may instead choose small dog chews. The reason you have too choose a specific niche is that it is easier to dominate that area an end up with a high ranking site. This is mainly because the big players ignore the smaller niche areas because there is not enough profit in it for them, but for us wunddesinfektionsspray apotheke it is fine as we do not have the overheads of the big boys.

Now you cannot just pick a niche out of the air, well you could but the chances of it being a profitable venture will be slim unless you are lucky. So what we need to do is built a site around a topic that does not already have a lot of competition but also has paying consumers. This increase our chances of ending up with a money making site.

How to choose a niche

So to get started we must first get a few ideas. If you have never created your own site before then I suggest you first read about starting your first website and then find out about choosing a web host and domain registrar. This is because if you are new to internet marketing then you really need to create a practice site first based on a niche you have an interest in or even better a passion for.

So onto getting an idea for a profit making niche website. On the internet it is best not to reinvent the wheel so a good place to start is looking to see what other sites appear to be doing well. One way to do this is to see what sites are currently being sold. There are places on the internet you can find websites for sale these include SitePoint, DigitalPoint and eBay. For now we are going to ignore eBay as there tends to be a lot of cookie cutter sites being sold, this means the same site is being duplicated and sold again.

We want to find out what sites are earning revenue, a website marketplace is good for this as the seller will disclose earnings, check. This at least shows us that it is possible to make money with this particular niche.

So hop on over to SitePoint and take a browse to get an idea of what is currently being sold. After that check out DigitalPoint, here they do not provide as much information on the sites being sold but it is helpful none the less. When you come back you should read about how to find your next profitable niche.

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